Automation Consultants | Intranet, File Repository and Timesheeting | Web Design and development | Clear Intent Multimedia- Clear Intent built an online file repository, time sheeting and discussion forum system for UK based Automation Consultants.


Automation Consultants | Intranet, File Repository and Timesheeting | Web Design and development | Clear Intent Multimedia

Automation Consultants


Automation Consultants is an IT services and software company with a mission to improve the quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of IT systems development through automation.

They engaged Clear Intent to build an intranet system including a searchable file repository, time-sheeting system for their consultants and a company communications forum.


What They Said...

Jeff Cunliffe Director of Automation Consultants commented that their in house software testing team had been '...very impressed by your work'

Coming from fellow software developers we considered this the very highest praise!


Project Details

Initialy provided with an internal specification document Clear Intent offered further input to discussions and led the process of honing thie specification into a full project brief. Built fully in compliance with W3C accessibility guidelines, the intranet system comprises a fully manageable and expandable file repository, a time-sheeting system and a internal communications discussion forum.

File repository

The file repository allows AC to create and upload as many files and folders as they need providing, effectively, a numerically infinite capacity. All files and folders can also be associated with a description and both files and folders can be searched using an inbuilt system by name or description or both. The integrated access control system allows some folders to be specified as restricted and therebyaccessible only to administratve users. All in, a simple, powerful system.


Timesheeting System

The timesheeting system allows for the creation of timesheets by individual operatives. These sheets can be edited for specifed time duration after which they automatically become locked except to administrators. The system automatically checks the validity of input and provides a invoicing sheet for client signoff.

Company Communications Forum

To facilitate discussions between geographically remote employees and consultants the discussion forum system was implemented. This also allows for future opening out of new forums for public access providing a powerful, way to support and communicate with clients.


Ongoing Support & Training

Clear Intent continue to provide responsive support for Automation Consultants in the use of their system.

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