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Gwent NHS Trust


Gwent NHS Trust Psychology service developed a pioneering 'Bibliotherapy' psychological intervention service in partnership with local libraries and health care services such as GPs and health visitors. After providing a tender that was 'more competitive both in value and in content', Clear Intent were engaged by the working group to develop a content managed website to allow the project team to develop and expand website content to support the scheme.


What We Did

Clear Intent provided consultancy support to help the bibliotherapy team work out how best to present their information in a way that made a useful, easy to use website for all of their three very distinct audiences, public, professional and academic.

After developing this structure with the team and training them in how to get the most from their website content management system we supported them to continue to develop the resources with only minimal need for ongoing support. They realised that it really was as easy as we said it would be!


What The Client Said...

Dr Madeleine McCulloch Chair of the bibliotherapy working group commented...

"We found Clear intent's input into our project invaluable. Their consultancy work really helped us to think clearly about how we should structure and present our information. Doing this on the internet was something which none of the working group had experience of.

The website system they provided was really easy to pick up but allows us to do everything we could want to do and more besides and has allowed us to continually develop the content on the website and provide excellent supporting materials for the project.

To cap it all off, Clear Intent's quote was by far the most competitive and to be able to work with a company with strong ethical commitments was really good. Well done Clear Intent! "


Ongoing Support & Training

As with all of our clients we have maintained a productive long term relationship. After a successful launch three years ago the site is still going strong and still more than meets the needs of the group.


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