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Make Poverty History

The Make Poverty History campaign was the product of a massive coalition of voluntary sector organisations and engaged individuals from every social group. It was one of the most iconic and defining campaigns of the last 20 years.


In 2005 Clear Intent were contacted by the coordinators of the Welsh arm of the Make Poverty History campaign. After discussions and pre-project meetings we developed a design theme consistent with but distinct from the main UK Make Poverty History campaign and implemented a fully content managed website.

The Make Poverty History Wales website admin team were trained by use in the use of this system and put it to great use.


What our client said...

Craig Owen, Chair of the Make Poverty History Wales coalition and Campaigns Coordinator for Oxfam Cymru, described the project and the impact of our contribution using these words:

“Clear Intent donated their time and skills through 2005 to design, develop and provide support for the Make Poverty History (MPH) Wales website. The site was intended to supplement the information available on the UK site with information of direct relevance to community groups and organisers across Wales, providing a content management interface which campaign coordinators could update directly as information became available and events evolved. It also enabled otherwise isolated local activists to communicate with each other quickly and effectively.

The value of this user-focused approach was proven on several occasions when limited capacity of internet teams working on the UK site, particularly in the early stages of the campaign, meant that the Wales site was often first to carry up-to-date information for activists. This was in fact commented on in March 2005 by the Make Poverty History UK communications group, when they cited the MPH Wales site as:
"an example of how we should be communicating"
This led to a significant increase in activist-focused programming on the MPH UK site.
In my opinion (from point of view as Chair of the MPH Wales coalition), the key benefits of Clear Intent’s
site were:
  1. Simplicity of user-end design,
  2. A simple and immediate content management system (noting that few campaign coordinators were ‘web-savvy’) and
  3. Strong interactivity / connectivity with other sites."

Ongoing Support

Since the Make Poverty History campaign came to an end the site has still attracted significant numbers of visitors and people still use it to contact the team in order to find out how to get involved in campaigning activities. Clear Intent have continued to host and support the site and will be integrating it into the new WISeN project for which we have recently been engaged.

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