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Search Engine Optimisation Cardiff | SEO Cardiff

Search Engine  Services

Why Is Search Engine Optimisation Important?

It helps you rank higher in google. More and more people are using the internet as their first port of call and being at the top of the rankings means more people will see your website first.

What Is Google Doing When It Decides Your Position?

Google uses a complicated combination of factors to determine your position. If you want to rank, your webpages need to be seen as relevant to a search term and also as an authoritative source of information. Search optimisation helps google treat your pages as relevant and authoritative to the searches for which you want to rank.

How Can We Help Your Site Do Better?

By using a combination of technical research tools, website development expertise and marketing understanding we can adjust and enhance how google views your site and get your site page one rankings, where all the action happens.

Hear what our clients say....


Clear Spring Acupuncture ...

“Clear Spring Acupuncture provides acupuncture in cardiff. Being an cardiff acupuncturist means that the internet is really important to me to find the people who need me to help them; people often look first on the internet.  I asked Clear intent to build a high quality, professional website and to optimise it for high google rankingand I'm really pleased on both counts. The website ranks highly and really converts visitors into people contacting us and that is absolutely essential.”


Donna Wharton of Vitality Fitness Said

"Search engine visibility is very important for a personal trainer in cardiff. I am a personal trainer and also provide sports massage in cardiff and the surrounding area so good search engine visibility allows me to reach the people looking for my services."


Sarah Kibble, an Acupuncturist in Bath Said

I provide acupuncture in bath. Having my website rank highly for key terms provides me with an essential way of connecting with people I can help.”


Has your website got a google problem?

Lots of web designers make basic errors that stop your website performing as well as it should.

If you contact us you can get a complimentary google health check. We will check your site for the simple errors that many web designers make.

Contact us now on 029 2014 0028 to get a complimentary google health check. This will tell you whether your website is ranking lower than it should and give you simple solutions to the problems that could increase your sales.

Want to Learn The Skills Yourself?

Clear Intent love teaching and the good news is that the skills are within your reach. All you need is a little time and the benefit of our expertise as trainers and search marketing experts.

Clarity is a staged mentoring scheme developed by Clear Intent to help you learn how to use online marketing and communication

  1. Increase sales and conversion
  2. Increase the loyalty of your customers and associates
  3. Measure and continually improve your success
  4. Develop the necessary skills in house

You will be amazed at what you can achieve with our simple to understand and personal service

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