Clarity - Effective marketing simplified and demystified | Internet Marketing Demystified by Clear Intent- Easily learn the skills that will let you triple the success of your marketing. The search and internet marketing and effective communication demystified with Clarity by clear intent


Clarity - Effective marketing simplified and demystified | Internet Marketing Demystified by Clear Intent

Clarity - internet marketing demystified

We developed Clarity to help you learn.

Internet marketing can seem a dauntingly big topic but in reality the core skills are simple and once you have them it is simply a case of applying them.


What's Involved?

The scheme comprises 12 stages during which you will work through simple real internet examples to help you learn the skills you need. As part of each stage there are tasks, that, with our support, you need to perform. It is the doing of these tasks that really helps you apply what we are teaching you.


What will I Learn

The scheme covers all of the core skills of internet marketing e.g.

  • How to write website content that search engines will find.
  • How to identify appropriate search terms that will increase the performance of your site.
  • Building traffic to your website
  • Creating effective pay per click campaigns.
  • How to measure website activity so that you can more accurately gauge your success.
  • How to organise your website so it works for you as a communication tool.
  • How to make the best use of email.
  • How to identify your skills and products and market them.
  • Using social networking sites to your best advantage.
  • Using social media and blogging

How is it Taught

The scheme is taught via the use of online resources and direct support. You are given exclusive access to our support forum so that you can ask us questions and get feedback if you need it and we provide all the materials you will need. The pace of work is up to you, and the course adapts to suit your organisational needs so if one area is clearly not appropriate we focus more intensively on another.

We encourage you to work on your own website if at all possible, after all, that is the one you want to succeed with but, it is possible to practise all of the skills you need without doing this.


Set yourself free.... Clarity

To find out more, email We will get in touch and talk to you to find out which package you feel would suit you best.



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