Voluntary Sector Work | Web Design and development | Clear Intent Multimedia- Clear Intent operates an innovative business policy of looking to support the voluntary , NGO and good cause sectors by providing professional online systems at below market rates.


Voluntary Sector Work | Web Design and development | Clear Intent Multimedia

Clear Intent Is More Than An Average Company

Ethical Business

Since Clear Intent was formed, the company has operated a ‘triple bottom line’ trading policy, working to benefit and protect the environment and society as a whole as well as to generate income. We do this by the way we conduct business, not by having paper policies.

Clear Intent supports positive projects

Clear Intent works to spread the benefit of money spent with the company so that as time goes on the work commissioned by our community of clients gets used to the benefit of good causes.

In this way as well providing first rate work and providing excellent value, the company helps organisations and businesses  support projects that contribute to a better world.

With Clear Intent you get the best of both worlds.

"Professional, industry standard services produced with a passion for quality & partnership AND a full commitment to ideals borne out of a passion for the world we live in."

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