Most Signbificant Change Database- Clear Intent- Deliver increased value from Most Significant Change (MSC) evaluations with less work. Clear Intent MSCdb allows for synchronised input and deep secondary analysis across and within projects. A dream for reporting to stakeholders.

Most Signbificant Change Database- Clear Intent


Clear Intent are currently developing version 2 of the only fully featured online database to facilitate more effective data analysis for  Most Significant Change (MSC) evaluations.

MSCdb is designed to meet requirements drawn up from the experience of people running MSC evaluations so it helps give your MSC evaluations:

  • Online input of data into a secure database system saving time and ensuring consistent structure across and within projects.
  • Powerful secondary data analysis tools to save hundreds of man hours to help you deliver significantly increased value from your evaluation data.
  • Require project workers to record on key dimensions you define ensuring consistency.
  • A simple input interface that requires minimal training.
  • No local IT issues - requires just a web browser to use.
  • Low bandwidth design means no need for broadband connections in the field to use the system effectively.
  • Completely supported.

You can access a fully functional trial at

UPDATE  - Feb  2013 - MSCdatabase version 2 Planning in progress

We're in the process of planning thesceond version of the MSC database so watch this space.







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